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What Factors Should Be Considered When Buying A Marble Water Fountain?


Modern outdoor gardens or large outdoor places such as villas, manors, hotels, etc. would choose beautiful marble water fountains as decorations. So do you know what factors you need to consider before choosing to buy a suitable fountain? The following suggestions could help and choose the most suitable outdoor fountain.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Buying A Marble Water Fountain


First of all: the design style of the fountain

The first thing you might consider is the design of the marble water fountain you want. There are many design styles of fountains, which could be divided into tiered marble fountains, marble statuary fountains, marble animal fountains, grand marble fountains, wall fountains, ball fountains, and so on. Our factory has a variety of marble materials and sizes to choose from, so there is always a design that could suit your outdoor venue. Therefore, customers could choose according to their own budget and outdoor venue design.

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Second: the placement of the fountain

This is also the most important step before buying a fountain. For any fountain, it should not be placed on any object, because it is very large and heavy. First, for safety reasons, it needs to be placed on a firm surface. And second, it needs to be able to ensure a good spray effect. On the other hand, the outdoor marble water fountain should not be placed on the greenery or anything that might block it. This may not be convenient for connecting power and water sources.

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Third: power source

After you choose the right fountain design and placement, you need to consider the source of power. Because the water flowing effect of the fountain needs electric support. Therefore, before installing the fountain, you also need to prepare electrical equipment first to ensure a safe power supply.

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Fourth: water source

Most outdoor garden marble fountains are connected to the water supply system in the home. Therefore, as long as the water is turned on, they could supply water continuously. In addition, you also need to prepare water pipes and pumps so that you could enjoy the spray effect of the fountain. In addition, you also need to take waterproof measures to prevent the fountain from leaking.

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Fifth: lighting effects

If you want your outdoor marble garden fountain to have a distinctive effect. You could try to use lighting effects. It could not only make your outdoor fountain more gorgeous. It could also make your outdoor space brighter at night. Therefore, you could choose different light bulbs, colorful lights, or white light bulbs according to your personal preferences and outdoor space.

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If you have considered the above five useful factors, then quickly choose to buy a beautiful outdoor marble garden fountain to decorate your outdoor space! You could browse our website at any time to choose your favorite fountain design, or browse our YouTube to view our product details.

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