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Types and Characteristics of Different Marble Materials

As a professional sculpture manufacturer, the YouFine factory provides sculptures with different marble materials. It is available for you to choose a design and to customize the material of it. Here are some brief introductions about the characteristics and types of different marble materials.

White Marble:

Hunan White: The Hunan White marble is a common middle-grade white marble. But the surface of Hunan White marble has some tiny gray patterns. The top Hunan white marble is whiter in color, with fewer gray patterns, and its luster is similar to that of jade. The characteristics of Hunan materials are large output and medium price, but the cost of marble sculptures above 2.5 meters will be relatively high.


marble statue for sale


Sichuan White: It would be brighter after polishing, looks like jade. It is difficult to find raw materials above 1.5 meters. Generally, there are usually used to carve Guanyin and Buddha.


life size marble statue


Fangshan White: The color of Fangshan White is milky white, and the effect are finer after polishing. It is slightly harder than Sichuan white, commonly known as Fangshan Baoling because the material is hard and the lines are relatively straight. And marble materials with those characters are suitable for making marble fireplaces.


garden marble decor


White Martha: White Martha is a relatively cheap white marble material with gray lines on the surface. It is usually used to make large outdoor sculptures such as large outdoor fountains or gazebos. This kind of marble raw material is usually relatively large and cannot be highly polished. It can only be simply polished, so the price is cheaper than most marble materials.


large marble statue


Red Marble:

The most commonly used red marble is sunset red that is divided into deep sunset red and light sunset red. It could be used to manufacture animals, fountains, tombstones, reliefs, etc. The more commonly used is chicken blood red, which is characterized by brittleness and low yield, and could be used as fireplaces and people’s clothes.



Sandstone, Travertine and Granite

Sandstone: Sandstone is divided into yellow and white sandstone. The material is not delicate and could not be polished. It could only be simply polished. The price of sandstone is similar to that of Martha, and it is easy to collocate with different decorative styles. Generally, it could be used for pavilions and fountains.


outdoor marble statue


Travertine: Originally from Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China. It is divided into yellow and white travertine. It cannot be simply polished because there are some small holes in it.


modern marble garden design


Granite: The material is hard and is not suitable for carving finer things. It is suitable for making plates and rough objects. It can be polished. Yellow rust stone belongs to granite.

antique marble fountain

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