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Something You Need to Know About Bronze Lion Sculpture

Lion sculpture has always been very popular, whether it is marble lion sculpture or bronze lion sculpture. Many friends will buy lion sculptures and put them in front of their houses or on the open space outside the house. And we often see lion sculptures in public areas such as hotels, parks and scenic spots. Then do you know why lion sculptures are so popular?


Let’s briefly discuss it from three aspects today.

1. Lion Sculpture CouldBring Good Luck to People

According to Feng Shui, placing the lion sculpture at the door of the house symbolizes good luck and wishes to come true. It belongs to the treasure of a very good townhouse. If people can place the lion sculpture in the northwest in strict accordance with Feng Shui, it will really bring us good luck and bless our family and career with a good harvest!


outdoor lion statues for sale-03-YouFine Sculpture

2. Lion Sculpture CouldWard off Evil Spirits

According to Buddhism, placing lion sculptures outside the door can very well drive away evil spirits for the homeowner and make the owner smooth. If you feel that your career or family is not going well recently, you can buy a pair of lion sculptures and put them on the front porch.


large outdoor lion statues-YouFine Sculpture

lion sculpture outdoor-01-YouFine Statue

3.Lion Sculpture is a Symbol of Power and Status

The lion is the king of beasts, giving people a domineering feeling. It is also appreciated for this characteristic. At the same time, it also represents a very high status. Therefore, many people of status will choose to buy a lion sculpture and put it at home. It is also a symbol of human rights and status.


bronze lion sculpture-04-YouFine Sculpturebronze lion sculpture-04-YouFine Sculpture


How Bronze Lions Are Made?

As a professional lion sculpture outdoor manufacturer with 40 years of sculpture history, YouFine has the most professional casting skills and the most mature cooperation team. We use the traditional lost wax method to cast our bronze lion sculptures, a centuries-old craft. Usually, we will make a clay model first. YouFine artists will carry out detailed descriptions and outlines according to the appearance and characteristics of the lion until it is perfect.


lion sculpture outdoor-03-YouFine Statue


Next, we will color the outdoor lion statue pair. The method used by YouFine is chemical treatment, which is a coloring method that is harmless to the human body and the environment. With this method, we can get a very nice and realistic patina. This patina will make the bronze lion sculpture more realistic and alive. It is worth mentioning that the bronze lion sculpture made by us is not easy to fade, even if it is preserved for decades, it can still maintain its original beauty.


lion sculpture outdoor-02-YouFine Statue

outdoor lion statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture

outdoor lion statue pair-02-YouFine Sculpture

outdoor lion statues for sale-01-YouFine Sculpture


How to Maintain and Clean The Bronze Lion Sculpture?

Regular maintenance is the guarantee for the long-term use of bronze lions.

Bronze sculptures need regular maintenance if they want to last longer. Only by doing maintenance work such as dust removal, decontamination, waxing, and maintenance, can the corrosion of copper lions be reduced and its service life extended.


bronze lion sculpture-02-YouFine Sculpture

bronze lion sculpture-01-YouFine Sculpture


There Are Several Daily Methods:

1. Deal with the dust on the artwork. In this case, we can first blow it off with the cool air of a hair dryer, then clean it with a straw brush, and then finish it with a soft brush. Remember not to use metal polish or any other solvents as this can cause damage. For small gaps, we can wet the cotton ball and wipe it again, and wipe it from beginning to end along the gap to prevent loss.


outdoor lion statue pair-YouFine Sculpture

lion sculpture outdoor-YouFine Sculpture


2. This point also needs to be kept in mind, that is, to beware of mechanical damage. During storage, there should be a certain space between them. They should not collide with each other, overlapping or stacking is prohibited. For easily damaged works of art and delicate products, more attention should be paid to maintenance.

3. Carry out secondary maintenance on the cleaned bronze lion. The original method is to apply a layer of chemical curing agent or a layer of paraffin on the outer surface after heating. Now there is another method, which is to apply a layer of silica gel to isolate it from the outside world, which can effectively avoid harmful gases or moisture.


large outdoor lion statues-03-YouFine Sculpture

large outdoor lion statues-01-YouFine Sculpture

large outdoor lion statues-02-YouFine Sculpture

lion sculpture outdoor-04-YouFine Statue


If you need to wash the dirt with water, you need to use distilled water or heated distilled water and use a mild soap if necessary. If the cleaning area is large or the funds are sufficient, it can be cleaned by professionals.


As a professional large outdoor lion statues supplier, YouFine could solve any problem. If you have any questions about Outdoor Bronze Lion Sculpture, welcome to contact us.


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