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Large Outdoor White Marble Gazebo for Sale MOKK-28

This beautiful large outdoor white marble gazebo for sale is specially carved by You Fine factory for a newly married American couple. It is full of a romantic atmosphere. If you would like to have your own gazebo, please contact YouFine factory.
Item No: MOKK-28
Material: marble, Grade A natural marble
Color: Yellow, White, Beige
Advantage: 100% natural high-grade material
30 Years of Experience in Carvings
Strict Production Process Control

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Marble Gazebo for Sale Details:

Does this beautiful and elegant marble gazebo for sale catch your eye in an instant? As we all know, the top is a simple and elegant iron roof. And the main body of the gazebo is carved out of natural marble. Furthermore, some simple marble columns and figures make up this beautiful gazebo. The details of each figure are exquisite.

cost of marble gazebo

Provide High-Quality Gazebos:

The marble in the You Fine factory is all-natural and of good quality. Indeed, these high-quality marbles are more consistent in tone. And the marble will not have any color difference. Most importantly, You Fine high-quality marble gazebo for sale surfaces are polished to a mirror-like calm. You Fine marble has low water absorption and high wear resistance.

White cost of marble gazebo

Accept Custom Size:

You Fine factory has professional designers, every year to participate in the world-famous outdoor decoration exhibition. What’s more, they meet every year with some marble gazebo design experts to discuss the development of a combination of traditional and new gazebos. So You Fine designers have professional and original opinions. You Fine accepts all customizes and ensure that you would receive the most satisfactory gazebo.

marble gazebo outdoor

How to Install the Gazebo:

Firstly, according to the installation drawings on the top of the number, installing the bases, columns, and beams, and so on.

White marble gazebo for sale

Second, the marble gazebo is fitted with a hat, which is usually welded with steel bars or pieces of iron. The first method is to insert the reinforcement into the hole of the beam. The second method is to weld the iron sheet to the beam.

Outdoor White Marble Gazebo

More Placement Position:

This beautiful marble gazebo for sale could be placed in a variety of locations. We like to put the gazebo in the yard or in the garden. But it also depends on the size and style of the gazebo. Sometimes, we like gazebos as much as we like umbrellas. No matter where we go, we could see the gazebos and go in to have a rest. Through this elegant space, we would see the scenery outside.


You could spend every moment in this gazebo with the people you love. If you want to have it, please contact You Fine factory as soon as possible.

Who We Are 


As a world-leading sculpture supplier and a famous brand in China, You Fine Sculpture is an expert in sculpture designing and manufacturing.

The company has more than 400 employees, including more than 80 sculptors, 28 senior art artists, and art designers, 3 national sculpture artists, and 2 professor-level art supervisors.

High quality and professional services are the lifelong pursuits of the YouFine factory. The staff in the YouFine factory would make full use of their professional skills and provide you best products and service.

All of our artists have rich experience in their specialized field and they treat every artwork with a strict standard. Masters have been divided into different teams according to their specialty, and the factory promised that different sculptures would be manufactured by professional masters.

With many years of experience, our team of designers, artists, and master craftsmen can provide the perfect natural stone products that you will enjoy for years to come, where quality work and customer service are the top priorities.

Specialized in hand carving, sculpturing, fabricating, and producing a full line of elegant stone products such as hand-carved marble figure statues, carved marble fireplaces, fabricated marble fountains, marble columns, marble gazebos, and especially famous Catholic sculptures supplies.



Our Specialization


Hand Made: All our marble handicrafts and antique products are handcrafted by professionals.


Crafted with perfection: The perfection in carving and sculpting enhances the beauty of handicrafts in making. Our professionals leverage their honed skills in making timeless pieces for clients.


No Mediators: We produce and supply our handicrafts to customers.


Our customized creations are truly one-off pieces that translate the incredible thematic vision of the architects and designers we work with into tangible pieces of art. We understand the creative process and help it evolve to another level altogether.



Our Promise


is to create inspiring sculptures that are visually satisfying and impressive for everyone who engages with your space.


We are producers and manufacturers of sculpture, whether traditional or revolutionary, from concept to on-site fitting, our factory and artisans will produce a solution for all your decorative manufacturing requirements, by one team, under one roof.



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If you have any questions about what we can offer then please call us at our Lancashire Head Office on 0086-13938480725 where our knowledgeable team will be able to help you. Alternatively, leave us a message below, and we will get back to you.

If you have a design idea already in mind for a custom make then you could send a rough sketch or image along with the basic dimensions required to sales@you-fine.com

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Q1:How to buy a marble fountain?

1.Contact us first to confirm the fountain style,material and size.
2.We calculate the exact price and confirm the order by invoice.
3.We arrange the productin after your deposit.
4.We send finish install fountain photos,after your approval,we arrange the shipment for you.

Q2: Shipments ?

1) Express Delivery (Doorway)

You must evaluate the cargo for heavy sculptures and the cargo should be assessed by case, but this is the shortest shipping method.The delivery time is 4-5 business days (not included on weekends).

2) Airport to Airport

The shipping method is suitable for a large amount of luggage that requires rapid delivery, but the customer must perform customs clearance.The shipping rate in this way is less than the express delivery of a large parcel.

3) Seaport to Seaport

As for sculptures from,generally, shipping via the sea is relatively cheap, so you may want to go this way, but shipping will take about four weeks

If your order has already shipped or production started, please see our Returns policy for further instructions. Any questions or unclear point you have . PLS contact with us.

Q3:When I’m Ordering it asks me for a patina/finish, what is this?
A Patina/Finish is the coloring choice you have available for your purchase.  Each item is available only in the colors that are shown on each product page.  Each manufacturer has their own selection of finish options.

Q4:I’m not sure which color to choose, am I able to receive samples before I order?
Yes, many of our manufacturers will send color samples.  There is a small fee (ranging from $10-$30 per color selection) plus shipping charges for most color samples sent.

Q5:I looked at a finish on my tablet and then on my computer, and the colors look different, why?
It is important to remember that colors may appear differently between different media types and monitors.  If you are unsure about your color selection, please call customer service at 0086 13938480725 for assistance.

Q6:Do you offer any coupons or discounts?
Yes, We often have monthly, weekly, or daily deals.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, content with us on Facebook, google plus, or follow us on twitter to receive updates of our current promotions!


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