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Detailed Marble Fountain Installation Steps

Marble fountains have always been an indispensable large-scale decoration for people to decorate their own yards or hotel decorations. Its layers of design and the image of flowing water will bring vitality and layering to dull buildings, allowing people to experience the beauty and charm of life.

Many people will have many ways to buy outdoor marble fountains. However, after buying it back, how to install it will be a big problem. Today we will show you step by step in the form of pictures, how to install a marble fountain correctly.


fountain of Neptune Rome-YouFine Sculpture


If you buy a marble fountain from YouFine, then you would easily distinguish the various parts of the fountain. Because when packing, we would mark the name and a serial number of each part on the outside of the box to facilitate the successful installation of the customer.


After successfully finding all parts of the fountain, we will start the installation!

The installation of a marble water fountain for garden needs to be done in bottom-up order.

Step #1, you need to make sure the ground is perfectly level. Usually, we will draw a simple circular plan on the flat ground before installation. We need to follow this diagram to place the base plate of the fountain.


Marble fountain installing process1-YouFine Sculpture

Marble fountain installing process2-YouFine Sculpture


Step #2 To place the middle base. This plinth is the foundation for the main body of the fountain. Therefore, its correct placement is crucial. Just make sure it’s in the middle!

Marble fountain installing process3-YouFine Sculpture


Step #3  Install the first column. The water outlet in the middle of the pillar must be aligned with the hole in the middle of the base to ensure the normal operation of the fountain. The fountain we show is a little complicated. Outside its pillars, the necessary fine figure decorations had to be placed.


Marble fountain installing process4-YouFine Sculpture


Wow, the base and the first bowl have been successfully installed. All parts are in place. We could already see the prototype!


Marble fountain installing process5-YouFine Sculpture


Step #4  The installation of the first large basin. Find the right position and align the center. Then put it on gently.


Marble fountain installing process6-YouFine Sculpture


Step #5  The decoration around the big basin and the installation of the second pillar. This step must be very careful.


Marble fountain installing process7-YouFine Sculpture


Step #6  The installation of the second large pot and the top figure. At this point, the height of the fountain has reached a certain level. We need a forklift or other tools to help us install it successfully.


Marble fountain installing process8-YouFine Sculpture


All right! After placing Poseidon on top, the massive marble fountain is installed! Is it very simple? Of course, these are best done by a professional installation team.


marble water fountain-YouFine Sculpture


By the way, if you buy a marble fountain from YouFine, we will carefully check the water condition of the fountain before delivery to ensure that every piece of exquisite marble fountain is perfect. Moreover, we would also send you more detailed installation drawings and videos, which will be more beneficial to your installation. If necessary, we could also recommend your local reliable professional installation team to you.


Next, let us enjoy the fountain of Neptune Rome style after the successful installation!


marble water fountain-YouFine Sculpture

marble fountain-YouFine Sculpture

marble water fountain for garden-YouFine Sculpture1


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