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Why Are Bald Eagle Statues Popular in The United States?

As a sculpture supplier with a history of 40 years, we have discovered an interesting phenomenon. A large number of American customers would choose the bronze bald eagle statue among the bronze eagle statues. Why is this? Let’s explore the reasons together today.


The Appearance of The Bald Eagle:

First of all, we need to know the appearance characteristics of vultures.


Bald eagle-03-YouFine Sculptue


The bald eagle, also known as the bald eagle, is a large bird of prey unique to the North American continent. As it matures, its head, neck and tail feathers gradually turn white. This is also the origin of its name. Its size is relatively large, showing its mighty side.

A fully mature sea eagle can reach a length of 1 meter and a wingspan of more than 2 meters. Bald eagles have raised browbones, giving them a ferocious appearance. The bald eagle’s feet are very strong and can be used to hunt and kill prey. Sharp as knives, these claws are the bald eagle’s most powerful weapon, and they are even more dangerous than the hooked beak of this carnivorous bird.


Bald eagle-02-YouFine Sculptue


The bald eagle has a thin, hollow skeleton. Many of the carved bones are condensed or linked together, which makes them exceptionally strong. And the skeleton does a good job of holding them up as they fly. The vulture’s skeleton weighs less than half the weight of its feathers, which allows the vulture to fly more swiftly.


Bald eagle-YouFine Sculptue


The Symbolism of The Bald Eagle:

The symbolic meaning of the bald eagle needs to be viewed in combination with its appearance characteristics. Eagles see three times better than humans, which is why we call those with sharp eyesight “sharp as eagles.” The vulture’s thin and hollow skeleton enables it to fly at the fastest speed in the sky. The powerful wings can help it fly, and can also protect itself when necessary. Its swiftness, power, courage and heroic qualities were discovered and praised by people. Therefore, freedom, courage and strength became the symbolism of the vulture.


bald eagles

Bald eagle-01-YouFine Sculptue


The Meaning of Bald Eagles to Americans:

According to the data, the first time the bald eagle was paid special attention in the United States may be when the Declaration of Independence was passed in 1776. At that time, a soaring eagle appeared in front of the public holding an olive branch representing peace. The “power of peace” it represents is recognized and accepted by people. Since then, the bald eagle has become the symbol and national bird of the United States.


bald eagle


The Significance of The Bald Eagle Sculpture to People:

From the above analysis, we can see that the vulture itself is more important to Americans. Whether people are out of their own appreciation of the vulture spirit, or have national sentiments.


bald eagle statue-01-YouFine Sculptue


On the other hand, making and buying a bronze bald eagle sculpture is also a protection of natural ecology. Friends who like bald eagles could choose to buy an exquisite and realistic bald eagle sculpture to put in their garden, room and other places. The superb bronze manufacturing skills can achieve very fine design, making each vulture statue as lifelike as a real vulture.


Bronze bald eagle-03-YouFine Sculptue


Bronze bald eagle-02-YouFine Sculptue

Bronze bald eagle-YouFine Sculptue


In summary, we may be able to draw such a conclusion. The reason why bald eagle sculptures are popular in the United States is that on the one hand, people appreciate the spirit of freedom and courage represented by bald eagles, and on the other hand, it may be that bald eagles are the national bird of the United States, and people respect and admire them.


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