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Why Bronze Statues are Popular with People?

YouFine’s bronze garden statues for sale are quite popular among customers. We all know that bronze statue has a long history. It played an important role in the historical period. Kings made bronze statues of their lovely daughters, goddesses of fortresses or cities, former kings, statues of themselves, and more. Therefore, it can be seen that bronze sculpture has been popular since the old times. Today we will explore the reasons why the bronze statue is so popular.


modern bronze statues-YouFine Sculpture


What Are Bronze Statues Made of?

In fact, the bronze statue is not entirely made of copper. Because copper is soft, 100% copper cannot be cast into statues. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin made by heating the two metals together and letting them cool. The bronze statue is a three-dimensional artwork made by pouring molten bronze into a mold and then allowing it to solidify. Therefore, under normal circumstances, bronze statues with a copper content of 80% could be considered high-quality bronze statues. The added tin makes the bronze statue harder, while also enhancing its corrosion resistance.


high quality bronze material-YouFine Sculpture


What Happens to Bronze Over Time?

Usually bronze only oxidizes on the surface. Once a layer of copper oxide (which eventually becomes copper carbonate) is formed, it protects the underlying metal from further corrosion. This could be seen on statues from the Hellenistic period. Therefore, the real bronze statues for sale could have a long service life.


Beautiful Patina Mermaid Bronze Girl Statue -YouFine Sculpture


Are Bronze Statues Worth Buying?

Some people may ask, is a bronze statue worth buying? We could tell you for sure, of course, it is. The production process of a bronze statue is extremely complicated, and a complete bronze statue requires 33 steps. Each production process requires professional masters to complete. As long as one of the procedures in the process is flawed, the final sculpture would not be so perfect.


custom bronze statues-YouFine Sculpture


Secondly, the bronze sculptures made by professional masters are very realistic, just like real objects. Therefore, it has extremely high aesthetic value and artistic value.


custom bronze whale statues-YouFine Sculpture


Again, sculptures made of high-quality bronze could be kept outdoors for a long time without damage. And over time, its exterior color would become more natural.


bronze mermaid statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture


How Do You Care for a Bronze Statue?

Bronze statues for garden should be dusted with a soft, clean cloth or a soft brush such as a shoe brush or paintbrush. Never use chemical products as the chemicals would react with the bronze and damage the patina. In fact, the sheen of bronze and the subtle changes that would take place over the years will become part of the “history” of this artwork.


bronze figure statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


How to Confirm the Statue Is Real Bronze?

One of the easiest ways to determine if a statue is made of bronze is to stick a magnet to it. Bronze is non-magnetic, while the iron is highly magnetic. It is important to check bronze pieces and parts because some unscrupulous merchants in the market usually use fake bronze statues to deceive customers who do not understand statues.


bronze horse statues fo sale-YouFine Sculpture


Another way is to look carefully with your eyes. If you’re looking at an antique bronze statue, you could see a patina. This is the thin film formed on the surface of the bronze. If it could be peeled or scratched easily, it may be an alternative to painting on the patina. Scratching the patina could also reveal the underlying metal surface. True bronze has a golden light; cold cast bronze and iron do not have that appearance.


bronze animal fountain for sale-YouFine Sculpture


YouFine’s Hot Selling Bronze Statues:

YouFine is a factory specializing in making sculptures. We have been making bronze statues for 40 years. There are many kinds of hot-selling bronze sculptures in the factory. Vivid bronze lion statues, life-size bronze figure statues, high-quality bronze military statues, various types of bronze religious statues, custom bronze statues, etc. These statues are lifelike and are well received by customers. If you are fond of them, please feel free to contact us.


bronze lion statues for garden-YouFine Sculpture

bronze Jesus statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture

bronze garden statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Advantages of YouFine’s Bronze Statues:

1. YouFine’s bronze statues have many design styles. Because we have talented designers, they are not only good at designing various modern bronze statues but also have great achievements in the design of antique bronze statues.

2. The clay models made by professional clay model masters are very realistic and shocking to everyone who sees them. This lays a good foundation for the next casting.

3. Cast bronze statues using the traditional lost wax method. At the same time, there are innovations in the traditional method, replacing the ammonia water used in the past with silica sol, so that the appearance of the bronze statue is very beautiful, without any white spots.

4. High quality has always been the biggest feature of YouFine’s products. We firmly believe that high quality is the foundation for the long-term development of an enterprise. A rigorous QC team would strictly control the quality of products. So, customers don’t have to worry about the quality of YouFine’s bronze sculptures.


introduction of YouFine Factory


Real Feedback Pictures From Customers:

YouFine’s bronze garden statues for sale have been well received by customers. Many customers were very happy after receiving the statue and sent us many feedback pictures. One of the customers told us that his bronze deer statue was greatly praised by the neighbors after it was installed in the garden, so the neighbors visited his garden in person and took pictures with the bronze deer statue.


bronze deer statues for garden-YouFine Sculpture


YouFine has high-quality bronze statues and considerate services. We could also offer customers a relatively low price. If you want to buy bronze garden statues for sale, please contact us by phone or email.






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